ITU Broadband Atlas

Ever wished to have appropriate ICT data and indicators on which to base your decisions? The Telecommunication Development Bureau has been at the forefront of ICT data collection for a number of years.

Want an example? Have a look at the interactive infographic tool showcasing the status of broadband deployment worldwide. This provides an up-to-date visual means of checking the situation of various economies worldwide. See more here…

And once you are on our site, don’t hesitate to navigate further and access more ICT data, information, analysis and trends.

The BDT team.


6 thoughts on “ITU Broadband Atlas

  1. I have been writing stories about my frustration trying to get connected to high speed Cable .6 miles away. I look forward to seeing this map when I can download the Goggle site that it needs for viewing, it will suck up most of my bandwidth if I do it now.

    • For those like you facing connectivity problems, we’ve designed an alternative protocol for running the maps. First, download the Google Earth plugin – it is only 0.5MB so normally won’t take very long. Then go on the Broadband Atlas page and click on the title of the map you’d like to see (instead of clicking the checkbox for web viewing) and you will be prompted to download the file (which is only 0.2MB) to your PC. You can then simply drag and drop the file onto Google Earth to run it offline locally on your machine!
      We are now also working on a light web version for smartphones, which is hopefully going to be available in the first quarter of 2012. We’ll keep you posted!

  2. bonjour a tous
    ne pourrait on pas ouvrir un blog également pour le suivi des actions concernant les handicapes en particulier sourds et malentendants

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