New report on Mobile Accessibility

Download ReportThe International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Digital Inclusion Unit and the global initiative for inclusive ICTs (G3ict) have published a new report on “Making mobile phones and services accessible for persons with disabilities”.

ITU and G3ict also co-produce the e-accessibility Policy Toolkit for Persons with Disabilities and jointly organize awareness raising and capacity building programmes for policy makers and stakeholders involved in accessibility issues around the world.

The joint G3ict/ITU report is the result of several years of inquiry conducted by both organizations on the topic of mobile accessibility and made possible thanks to the dedication and editorial support of the Center for Internet and Society. This cooperation is driven by the same objective: to identify and promote effective mobile solutions to benefit persons with disabilities.

The study compiles and analyses different ways in which mainstream accessible mobile phone technologies and services are already implemented around the world by various stakeholders. It includes a wealth of practical information and case studies which can serve as a foundation to promoting accessible mobile phones and mobile assistive technologies.

The Report is downloadable for free here.


New CIRT in Burundi

12th November 2012: The Director of the ITU Development Bureau and the Director General of the Telecom Regulatory body of Burundi sign an important agreement, providing for Burundi to receive technical assistance from the ITU on the establishment of national cybersecurity capabilities, namely a Computer Incident Response Team  (CIRT).

Burundi has provided a financial contribution to the BDT, in order to facilitate the implementation of the project, which will start in January 2013.This is the tenth country investing in this ITU programme and BDT together with IMPACT has performed assessments on national CIRTs and cyber exercises in more than 40 countries during the past 2 years.

The signature of this agreement, together with the others, is a confirmation of the level of trust that ITU-IMPACT is accorded by Member States.

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