Participate in developing our new Spectrum Management Training Programme


Would you like to join us in developing high level training materials for the Spectrum Management programme?

We are pleased to inform you that we are embarking on the development of a Spectrum Management Training Programme (SMTP), the first in a series of educational programmes to be developed under the ITU Academy. SMTP will provide high level training materials in all areas of Spectrum Management, which will be developed by experts drawn from within and outside the ITU. The new Programme will cover a full range of topics. It will constitute the global “golden standard” for Spectrum Management training.

The ultimate aim is to have an ITU certified programme that can be delivered through various channels, such as Centres of Excellence or universities.

The SMTP is designed for anyone who would like to enhance and broaden their professional knowledge while working in the field of Spectrum Management, such as those working in a national regulatory authority or a company operating in wireless communications.

We would like to invite all stakeholders to join the ITU in the development of the SMTP.

For further information please contact or visit



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